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NC Double-Side Four Spindle Tenoner MDK2212B


Mainly used in straight piece processing square tenon, round tenon, elliptical tenon, oblique tenon.

NC operation system, easy to operate.

Feeding two work pieces at one time, and double end tenoning, high efficiency production.

Auto feeding and returning, the operator only need to load and unload.

Suction device fits with factory dust collect system, clean the dust effectively.

Optional tenon spacing adjustment type: Big distance drive by motor, small distance drive by manual & NC movement. (Optional)

Optional feeding type: Cylinder feeding / Servo feeding. (optional)

    Device equipped with high speed cutter head.

    Oversize surface can meet more processing requirements with double-side at the same time, keep a high speed precision.

   Strong drive system to keep the safety of smooth running.

    Lateral turning sliding plate, easy for short workpiece processing and adjustment.


    Automatic orented feeding parts. 

    Auomatic conveyor parts.